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Stress & Anxiety Counseling

Stress is a normal part of life. As a matter of fact, without stress, you would be dead! One of the literal definitions of stress is “an exertion of force”. So, just the beating of your heart and the exertion of your lungs bringing oxygen to the body is a form of stress. However, the term “stress” has, in our culture, come to be a negative happening. Stress is when we have too much force or exertion in our lives, whether physical, mental, or emotional. And stress does take its toll on us!

If you feel “stressed” you are in good company. The majority of people living in the United States, at one time or another, and usually at multiple times, experience an unpleasant amount of stress, or feel “stressed out.” Although some of us experience more than others, stress can’t be avoided. Just dealing with the everyday demands of home, work, relationships, money issues, health problems, etc. can cause many of us to feel tense and nervous, as well as experience unpleasant physical sensations such as headache, neck and back pain, and stomach and abdominal distress. In addition, life’s unexpected challenges can happen suddenly without expectation or time to prepare. The death of a loved one, separation from a close friend, partner, or spouse, loss of a job, unexpected illness – these are just some of the many challenges that most of face in the course of our lives.

We all handle stress differently. Some people seem to just float through life effortlessly, as if nothing bothers them. They remain strong in the face of adversity and keep smiling even when it may seem they have nothing to smile about. Others can’t seem to manage even a small amount of stress. The tiniest problem seems to set off a tirade of tears and sleepless nights. Others are somewhere in between, trying to stay positive while feeling overwhelmed with all of life’s challenges.

Sometimes stress becomes more than just a temporary problem that comes and goes. Many Americans develop some type of anxiety disorder. This may be due to an inherited, internal trait that causes an individual to be “hypersensitive.” It may also be caused by childhood hurts, traumas or unmet developmental needs. Many believe that mental health disorders, such as anxiety, are caused by a combination of genes and environment.

Despite the cause of anxiety, it can be a serious and debilitating illness. Anxiety can cause incessant worries and fears which prevent a person from being able to concentrate, function at work or at home, and sometimes from going out into public. It can cause serious insomnia and physical problems as well.

So, if stress is unavoidable, and anxiety is the most common of all mental health disorders, what can be done? The good news is…help is available! Stress and anxiety management techniques can be learned and practiced, and can literally turn your life around. You can go from being unable to function to being a happy, contributing member of society. It is possible. There are several therapeutic techniques proven to help those suffering from anxiety and related symptoms. A qualified professional can guide you through a series of counseling sessions in which you can obtain new skills you can practice for life. Recover from stress and anxiety. Reclaim your hopes and dreams now!

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