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Adolescent and Teen Therapy

Counseling for Children, Adolescents, and Teens

Adolescent and Teen Therapy teen theraphy 1 300x200It is a daunting task to raise a child in the world we currently live in. Childhood depression has increased over the years, estimated to affect 9% of adolescents 12-17 years of age. Anxiety affects 25.1% of 13-18 year olds. And nearly 35 million children report experiencing at least 1 childhood trauma.

With the excessive amount of exposure to disturbing events happening so often, sometimes it feels that everywhere we turn (television, social media, work, school, etc.) we see and hear about really scary stuff. It makes sense that adolescents and teens develop intense fears and anxieties. Disturbing events and fears can also cause anger and inappropriate behaviors, which can be especially confusing for caregivers to navigate.

Counseling can be an amazing and much-needed resource when these fears, anxieties and behaviors create too much difficulty for a child to properly function, or too much conflict within the family. Generalized anxiety, social anxiety, symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, suicidal thoughts, anger and acting out behaviors are all indicators that an adolescent or teenager may benefit from psychotherapy services.

How Do We Help?

Adolescent and Teen Therapy family theraphy 300x200As you look for a therapist or counselor, you will find you have come to the right place! Having training and experience in working with adolescents and teenagers, our counselors have a unique ability to relate to kids and to help guide them through their deepest struggles. Using Emotionally Focused Therapy, along with other research-based techniques, we work to alleviate the painful impact of trauma, depression and anxiety in kids as we partner alongside the parents. Emotionally Focused Therapy is effective in helping with individual healing, as well as in working with the entire family to improve relationships.

Support For the Parent

If you are reading this you are most likely a parent or caregiver of a child in distress. You need support too! Often we hear reports from parents that they feel lost, with no clue how to help their teen. It can be terrifying and even heartbreaking for a parent to watch their child suffer and not know how to help. We are here for you!

We believe that as the parent you are one of the most important keys for your child’s healing and growth! As we treat your adolescent or teen, we will also meet regularly with you – the parent or primary caregiver – to provide support and guidance. Your child’s counselor will be your partner in overcoming these difficult challenges. You are not alone! Call now to request your free consultation with one of our male or female counselors.