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Anger Management

Anger is a natural, normal emotion which can motivate us to take appropriate action when needed. So anger can actually be a very good thing! Problems result not with our feelings of anger, but rather with the way we respond to our feelings. The #1 danger with anger is unresolved anger whenwe stuff it, ignore it, hoping it will just go away. But instead of dissolving, anger often takes root and turns to resentment and bitterness affecting our mental, emotional, and physical well being, and damaging our relationships, especially with those we care most about.

Having unresolved anger has been compared to a pressurized can. When the pressure builds, eventually it explodes, hurting everyone around, and it destroys the can! A better way would be to release the pressure in the can a little bit at a time, right? At St. Petersburg Counseling we offer individual counseling to show you a proven formula for releasing your unresolved anger. You will discover not only how to manage your anger appropriately, but you will also learn a step by step formula for identifying and reducing the anger you’ve been holding inside for so long.

Your future of peace in relationships and freedom for your soul is waiting! If you are ready to once and for all release that inner pressure of anger and learn how to manage your normal feelings of anger, please contact us today.