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Marriage Counseling

Even the Most Troubled Relationships can be Saved

Are you experiencing difficulty and conflict that you just can’t seem to resolve?

Are you wondering if it’s too late to save your marriage?

Many couples discover they can find renewal and true love again.

During the course of marriage counseling sessions you will receive a professional
assessment of your relationship. You will be guided in ways to decrease conflict, enhance your friendship and intimacy, and experience a close, loving connection once again! Our therapists use methods in working with couples which are well-researched and proven effective in creating significant change for relationships. These methods include:

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples – All of our therapists have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy and will work with you to decrease conflict, heal past hurts, and strengthen a close, loving connection. For more information please visit our page on Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples.
  • Gottman Method – Donna Dreslin has Level I training in the Gottman Method for Couples. This method is based on 40 years of research by Drs. John and Julie Gottman. Their study has led to the development of Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. After being trained directly under the Gottman’s, Donna is equipped to help you learn these amazing seven principles which can truly transform your relationship!
  • Prepare-Enrich – Several of our therapists are certified Prepare-Enrich facilitators. Prepare-Enrich is based on systems theory, Couple and Family Strengths Model and Prevention-oriented approaches. It is backed by the scientific study of over 500,000 couples. It is validated with various ethnic groups and adapted for use in several countries. Prepare-Enrich uses an online assessment which outlines the strengths and areas for growth of your relationship. This assessment tailors itself to the unique stage and structure of your relationship, as well as to the larger cultural context in which you live. Additionally, over 20 exercises are used to explore strength and growth areas, strengthen communication, identify and manage major stressors, resolve conflicts using a ten step model, develop a more balanced relationship, and understand personality differences to maximize teamwork. These exercises also allow couples to work through important issues such as financial management, sexuality, and parenting issues. Marriage counseling sessions will be geared toward your unique needs. Prepare-Enrich is aimed at healthy couples who want to build a stronger relationship and all couples are encouraged to take the “Couple Checkup” on their wedding anniversaries. Prepare-Enrich can also be used for couples thinking about getting married or preparing for marriage. See our page on Premarital Counseling for more information. To learn more about Prepare-Enrich go to

You are not alone in your struggles. Contact us today to get started in your new life together!