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Virtual Counseling

Now Scheduling Safe & Convenient Online Counseling!

After dealing with the impact of COVID-19, St. Petersburg Counseling remains open and prepared to assist you in managing these uncertain times.

virtual counseling & online therapy

While we have returned primarily to in person sessions in our beautiful and spacious new office, online services continue to remain an option in certain cases.

If you have transportation restrictions, young children, or other limitations that prevent you from attending counseling sessions at our physical location, St. Petersburg Counseling is still here for you!

Our virtual counseling services range from online marriage counseling and online couples counseling, as well as online Christian counseling. We have virtual options available for individuals of all ages, including adolescents, teenagers, and adults, as well as families. All of the personalized services we have offered in-person are now available virtually!

The benefits of online counseling are:

  • The ability to expand your selection of service provider
  • More convenient therapy options including location and time
  • Reduces the overall cost and time of counseling due to reduced travel
  • Ability to have real-time monitoring, and reducing the wait time for scheduling office appointments.
  • Increased availability of counseling services to homebound clients or those with limited mobility, and clients without convenient transportation available.

Appointments are affordable and currently available at convenient times. To learn more about our online counseling services or to schedule your appointment today, please call us at (727) 565-2808 or complete the consultation request form on this page.

We look forward to learning more about you and the challenges you are facing, and are ready to assist you in your journey!