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Family Counseling

What Brings Families Into Family Counseling?

Most of us crave a sense of belonging within our families. Unfortunately, sometimes that sense of belonging is lost due to stressors that occur within or outside the family. Here at St. Petersburg Counseling, we create a safe environment for families to share these difficult stressors and all the sad and angry emotions that accompany them.

Maintaining healthy relationships can be difficult for everyone! In a family system, there are multiple relationships going on, creating even more difficulty!

What is Emotionally Focused Family Therapy?

At St. Petersburg Counseling, we use a specific type of family counseling called Emotionally Focused Family Therapy or EFFT. Emotionally Focused Therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on each relationship within the family and the family as a whole. Many times, we may believe that one specific person within a family is the “problem”. However, Emotionally Focused Family Therapy explores each individual’s part within the family and encourages each family member to take an active part in resolving the “problem” together, rather than pinpointing blame on only one person.

EFFT Can Change Families….Here’s How

EFFT looks at how family members bond with one another. Research shows that family members relate to one another in different ways. These differences can sometimes cause families severe distress. EFFT helps families to look for warning signs of possible areas of concern and to then work together as a unit to get the family back on a healthy track.

What Does EFFT Look Like When A Family Is In The Therapy Room?

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy aims to create a safe and secure place within the therapy room for each family member to comfortably express his or her personal needs and desires to the rest of the family. Talking about our emotions can be difficult for a lot of us. EFFT strives to help individuals feel more confident and comfortable when it comes to expressing emotions that may be difficult to share.

On the note of sharing difficult emotions- it is important to know that EFFT goes at the pace of each family member! Nobody is forced to share anything he or she is not ready to share. In fact, we encourage that individuals only share as much or as little as they wish to.

What Will You Get Out Of Family Counseling?

Ideally, each family member should expect to feel happier due to gaining a better understanding of their own feelings and the feelings of their family members. Families as a whole should also expect healthier conversations, less arguing, and more of a feeling of cooperation and mutual respect. Everyone’s a winner!

Most families wait too long to get professional help, causing needless distress that lingers for months or years. Please don’t wait, give us a call and see what Emotionally Focused Family Therapy can do for you and your family!