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Separation and Divorce Counseling

Are you going through the unique pain of a separation or divorce? It has been said that the loss and grief experienced by the end of a serious relationship is just as severe, and many times harder to manage, than the grief of losing a partner to death.

Most people who are separated or divorced are experiencing a myriad of painful emotions, from hurt, betrayal, and confusion, to anger, rage, and thoughts of revenge. You may be wondering if you can ever get over this avalanche of pain and suffering.

The good news is…healing and recovery is possible! With the expert counseling offered by St. Petersburg Counseling, you can learn the principles and skills others have found to be crucial in moving on as a “single again” adult. You will be gently guided to process your hurts and grief, let go of the anger and bitterness that will hold you back from moving on, and set new goals for your future. Whether it’s a listening ear, or practical advice, help is here. You don’t have to live with broken dreams…create new ones!