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Separation and Divorce Counseling

Are you going through the unique pain of a separation or divorce? Here at St. Petersburg Counseling we understand what a sad and scary time this is for couples, when one or both of you feel divorce may be the only way out of the pain or conflict you have been experiencing.

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You may have tried couples counseling before, but now you or your spouse has too little hope or energy to try that again.

So here you are, considering divorce, but still not completely sure about taking that life-altering step. You need a different approach and we have the perfect solution for you! It’s called Discernment Counseling.

This type of counseling helps you and your spouse gain clarity and confidence about the direction you want to take. During your time with your divorce counselor you will understand what happened to your marriage and look at three sides of the situation: yours, your spouse’s, and the counselor’s objective perspective.

What to Expect From Divorce Counseling

While in Discernment Counseling you and your spouse will be able to consider the possibility of solving the issues in your marriage and staying together. Ultimately, you and your spouse will come to one of three decisions:

1. Continue your relationship as it has been.
2. Decide together to move towards divorce.
3. Take divorce “off the table” and work towards healing your relationship.

This type of couple’s divorce therapy is where one spouse is “leaning out” towards divorce and the other is “leaning in” towards saving the marriage. Traditional couples counseling is not usually helpful for this type of situation, so this is why Discernment Counseling is available.

Benefits of Divorce Therapy

Discernment Counseling is short term – typically 1-5 sessions in which there is time with the couple together and time alone with each spouse during the appointment. These sessions help both spouses reach clarity and confidence about moving toward divorce or working to save the marriage.

Discernment counseling is for:
· Couples thinking about divorce but not sure if it is the path for them.
· Spouses who want to take one more look at saving their relationship.
· A spouse who wants to give their marriage another shot even though their spouse is leaning towards divorce.

Compassionate Divorce Counselors


The good news is…healing and recovery is possible! With expert St. Petersburg divorce counseling you can learn the principles and skills others have found to be crucial in moving on. You will be gently guided to process your hurts and grief, let go of the anger and bitterness that will hold you back from moving on, and set new goals for your future. Whether it’s a listening ear, or practical advice, help is here. You don’t have to live with broken dreams…create new ones!

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