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Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy

The Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy (DNMS) is an ego state therapy designed by Shirley Jean Schmidt, MA, LPC, as a counseling technique to help heal adults with childhood wounds and trauma. The DMNS is based on what is known about how the human brain develops. This model is based on the assumption that children have physical, emotional, social, and intellectual needs at each stage of development. The degree to which those needs were not met adequately is the degree to which a part of self can become “stuck” in childhood. Being “stuck” means that behaviors, beliefs, or emotions connected to unresolved wounds from the past can get triggered today. The more we are “stuck in childhood” the more we have unwanted behaviors, beliefs, and emotions.

The DNMS treats a large variety of problems, not just traumatic childhood wounds. It can be used to treat individuals with depression, anxiety, panic disorder, social phobia, substance abuse/dependency, PTSD, relationship problems, sexual abuse, obsessions/compulsions, eating disorders, and other problems affecting an individual’s ability to enjoy a fulfilling life.

Some problems affecting adults were not caused by traumatic events. Relatively minor unmet needs can cause unwanted behaviors, beliefs, and emotions. If you have an issue that is bothering you and causing problems in your relationships, work, or everyday living, the DNMS may be exactly what you need to get “unstuck” and move on into a new future!

Lisa Baker has been trained directly by the developer of Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy and uses this strategy to benefit many clients.

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