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Child Therapy & Counseling

Providing Specialized Care for Families Because Children are Special

Individual, Couples, or Family Counseling Available, All Ages

Children Receive Special Care From Our Child Therapist

Reports are estimating that children 0­-17 years represent 23% of the population or 73.6 million. Out of that group, nearly 35 million children report experiencing at least 1 childhood trauma, and childhood depression has increased over the years, estimated to affect 9% of children 12-­17 years of age. 47% of high school students report having had sexual intercourse over the last year and 5.9 million children 3­-17 years old have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit­ Hyperactivity Disorder otherwise known as ADHD (Statistical report link to and

It is a daunting task to raise a child in the world we currently live in with the excessive amount of electronic exposure, lack of playful activity and a massive increase in childhood obesity. Behavioral issues and trauma exposure are among the top reasons why a child or teenager may come to counseling. Suicidal thoughts, depression, generalized anxiety, confusion over sexuality, social anxiety, identity formation, third culture kids and performance issues in sports are also big indicators that a child, adolescent or teenager may benefit from psychotherapy services.

As you look for a child psychologist, therapist or counselor, you will find you’ve come to the right place! Having a background in working both domestically and internationally with children and teenagers, our child therapist has a unique ability to relate to kids and to help guide them through their deepest struggles. Using Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trust­Based Relational Intervention, we work to alleviate trauma, depression and anxiety in kids as we partner alongside of the parent.

Where there is pain there is hope. Don’t allow your child’s behavior, anxiety, depression or performance issues take away from who they are and what they have to offer. Come discover how St. Petersburg Counseling can help your child discover their full potential and all they were created to be. Immediate appointments are available