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Made a huge impact in my life and relationships

DNMS helped me discover the causes of my negative beliefs and behaviors. New ways of coping with stressors made a huge impact in my life and relationships

- Client Name Withheld, St. Petersburg, FL

A Satisfied Client

I would recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking for effective, professional counseling. She has made a huge difference in our lives!” A Satisfied Client

- Client Name Withheld, St. Petersburg, FL

A place where not only is the marriage saved, but improved

After trying to work out the problems on our own, we decided to try counseling. Today we have a great appreciation for the power of marriage counseling and Lisa’s ability to work with those who want to keep a marriage together and get to a place where not only is the marriage saved, but improved.

- Client Name Withheld, St. Petersburg, FL

Lisa was incredibly sensitive

Lisa was incredibly sensitive. The DNMS approach helped in terms of addressing old messages that I was carrying with me and that were keeping me stuck in the past. I can now hear and listen to other people’s anger and not react to that anger or shut down as I usually did in the past. I can instead respond to anger by paying close attention to myself and understanding my reactions. This gives me time to think before responding. If you are ready to understand and make positive changes in your life, the DNMS approach can help you move forward with new freedom and a sense of choice in your personal relationships, including your relationship with yourself.

- Client Name Withheld, St. Petersburg, FL

I'm grateful for her compassion, strength, and professionalism

"I am grateful for Lisa Baker’s compassion"During some of my most recent difficult times, my health professional referred me to Lisa Baker. I was struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, and some childhood issues that still affected me. Not only did she teach me techniques on how to deal with my anxiety and panic attacks, but she helped me deal with past hurts and resentments. That was huge for me because I was able to let go and forgive. Lisa has a way of getting you to open up, without forcing you, and that taught me to accept and move on. I'm grateful for her compassion, strength, and professionalism. I look forward to my continued sessions.

- E.P., St. Petersburg, FL

I would highly recommend her services to anyone

"Lisa Baker is genuine and professional"Lisa has been such a wonderful counselor. She is attentive, understanding, honest, and most of all, genuine. It's hard to find someone to trust and connect with enough to share your fears and weaknesses. Her sincerity and professionalism made me comfortable enough to work through current and past issues including childhood issues. Although the therapy can be difficult at times, I have experienced life-changing personal growth since working with Lisa. She has helped me through the pain and grief of divorce and my self-esteem issues. She has helped me reach a place of more clarity, more successful communication, and more self-confidence. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

- K.H., St. Petersburg, FL

She is extremely caring and genuine

“Lisa is amazing”I have worked with so many therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists over the past 10 years and I have never made so much progress than I have in the past several months working with Lisa. I went from being very dependent on Prozac and Xanax to managing my bipolar II and anxiety with no medication. Not only is she knowledgeable in her field, she is extremely caring and genuine. She makes it very easy to open up to her and I never feel like just another patient or file. I trust her completely and really look forward to continuing sessions with her.

- Caroline, 28, St Petersburg, FL

A great listener…refreshing

“A great listener…refreshing”Lisa Baker was my counselor for about 2 years.  She is a great listener, without judgement, and her ability to accentuate the positive in your life is refreshing.  As we all go through trials, she was able to help me to keep the big picture in mind.  She was able to affirm and help me find my pain and leave the shadows of life behind and walk in God's light by letting GO of stuff.

- B.B. , Worcester, MA

Helping me hope again

“Helping me hope again”Lisa Baker has been instrumental in helping me through a lot of difficulties, even to the point of helping me hope again. She helped me see that God was there for me even during the very worst time of my life. I think she will be a great asset to anyone who needs some great counseling, sound advice, and who needs hope.

- Rod, St. Petersburg, FL

We are very happy and just booked our honeymoon!

We are very happy and just booked our honeymoon! I attribute this to the counseling we did with you... we were able to use the tools you gave us to put everything on the table and finally be at peace with the relationship. Thank you so much.

- Anonymous

I am very grateful!

My first experience with a therapist for my anxiety was with Lisa Baker. How fortunate I was! Lisa is very personable, compassionate, and nice. Lisa made we feel at ease and I connected with her right away. After meeting with her, I was able to use the counseling and tools she gave me to manage my anxiety. I really appreciated the value she saw in my attending Al-Anon Family Group meetings. I was also relieved that I only had to take my anxiety medication for a few months. I am very grateful for Lisa and the counseling she provided me.

- Anonymous

We have made great strides with Donna's help in understanding each other.

When we first started counseling with Donna we were definitely having some major communication issues. I wouldn't say that we have ever been a couple that fights a lot, however, small things often got bigger than they needed to be. After seeing Donna for a few months we now have tools to help us avoid "making mountains out of molehills". We both make an effort to see each other's perspectives in disagreements, and are both cognizant of the fact that our individual perspectives on everything big and small are often due to things below the surface. Although we are not perfect, we have made great strides with Donna's help in understanding each other more and avoiding unnecessary fights and quarrels.

- Anonymous